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Websites and Blogsites:
Do you have a WordPress or Blogger Blogspot site that needs to have the design updated, freshened or "tweaked?" Can't figure out how to get your site "secured" with an SSL Certificate? I can do that for you. Let me help you tinker your site into tip-top shape!

Not happy with the way your blog posts are designed or the way they look after they publish? I can give you help and guidance on making your blog posts pop!

Need to have your books combined, your cover changed or have your book blurb redone with bold, italics or underlined text? That's something I can help you with!

Are you Indie-Autohr Publishing your books? Need help with formatting the interior of your eBooks? Interested in offering your books in Print format? I can help you with the digital and/or print formatting, design and publication of your books. Contact me for more information!

Please feel free to contact me, even if it's only to chat about your goals or to get to know each other better! Use my Contact Form or click the Chat Bubble!