Recently I had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans with one of my favorite authors, Nancy Gideon. Not only is Nancy one of my favorite authors, but she's a long-time friend and client!

I'd never been to New Orleans, but Nancy has been there six times! Many of her books are set there, and she's well-versed in navigating the city. The best part of our trip included staying in the French Quarter for Halloween! Believe me, New Orleans knows how to do Halloween right, since it's one of the most haunted cities in America. Every house on every street was decorated to the max. The city was filled with exciting music, sights and smells! Every street corner hosted a mini jazz band, one of the many reasons New Orleans is still a dynamic, historical city.

Dumaine Street

As a special birthday gift, Nancy arranged for us to join in a Haunted Walking Tour on Halloween. You'd think that New Orleans would be relatively warm at this time of year, and that's what the extended forecast was telling us before we arrived, but it was unusually cold and windy on Halloween night, so here we are in front of the House of Voodoo all bundled up against the cold at the beginning of the Tour!

Haunted Walking Tour

We also took a Streetcar Tour of some of the older cemeteries, which was extremely interesting - All those old headstones and mausoleums! 

There was so much to see and so little time! We did A LOT of walking. But there was still time to enjoy the different restaurant options. Here we are at the Cafe on the Square.

Cafe on the Square

The food was incredible, and there was a lot of it - So much to choose from, and we didn't have the time to try all of the venues. Hmmm, maybe another trip is possibly in the works for next year?

We had such a fabulous time in beautiful and historic New Orleans. Here's a few more pictures from The Square.

Nancy in front of the Andrew Jackson Statute
Nancy in front of the Andrew Jackson Statute

Home of Jax Beer

View from one of the shops on Jackson Square

Walking back to our hotel on Burgundy Street

All in all, it was a truly unforgettable trip. My thanks go out to award-winning author, Nancy Gideon for showing me the beauty and excitement of New Orleans!